Iran's Rouhani Dismisses Trump Call For Talks On Eve Of New Sanctions

Iran’s President Hassan Rouhani delivers a speech after being sworn in before parliament in Tehran

Iran’s President Hassan Rouhani delivers a speech after being sworn in before parliament in Tehran

Senior administration officials briefing reporters Monday repeatedly tied this new economic pressure campaign to Trump's recent comments about meeting with the Iranian leadership, saying the USA wants to talk to reach a new Iran deal.

The second phase blocking Iran's oil sales is due to cause more damage, although several countries including China, India and Turkey have indicated they are not willing to entirely cut their Iranian energy purchases.

"I do not have any precondition if the USA administration is prepared today", Rouhani said on Monday.

The so-called snapback sanctions, due to come into force early on Tuesday, target Iranian purchases of United States dollars, metals trading and other dealings, coal, industrial-related software and its auto sector. It's far short of the new fleet of airliners Iran initially sought, but the best they can do with the U.S. blocking Boeing and Airbus from fulfilling contracts.

Donald Trump has reimposed sanctions on Iran that were lifted by his predecessor Barack Obama.

Trump has rejected pleas from United States allies not to unilaterally drop out of the deal. These actions include reimposing sanctions on Iran's automotive sector and on its trade in gold and precious metals, as well as sanctions related to the Iranian rial.

Iran's rial currency has lost half its value since April under the threat of revived US sanctions.

The plunge in the currency and soaring inflation have sparked sporadic demonstrations against profiteering and corruption, with many protesters chanting anti-government slogans.

After months of fierce rhetoric, Mr Trump surprised observers last week when he offered to meet with Iranian President Hassan Rouhani without preconditions.

"We are always in favour of diplomacy and talks". But talks need honesty.

Rouhani has suggested Iran might block the Strait of Hormuz in response to a shutdown of its oil exports. The same day you (Americans) impose sanctions we open our economy.

Iran "has treated its people very poorly, and that's led to terror". Other sanctions on the country's oil industry are expected to resume on November 5, 2018.

The official says the USA will use the sanctions aggressively and cited Iran's severe economic downturn this year as evidence the sanctions would prove to be effective despite opposition from the EU, China and Russian Federation.

The European Union on Monday said in a statement that it deeply regrets the restored us sanctions against Iran, and vowed to stand by the Iran nuclear deal.

"There will be pressure because of sanctions but we will overcome this with unity", he said.

FILE PHOTO: A man walks past an anti-U.S. mural in Tehran, Iran October 13, 2017.

In his latest move repeating the idea of negotiating with the Iranian authorities, US President Donald Trump on Saturday said any meeting with the Iranian leaders is "up to them".

Iran agreed to limit its uranium enrichment programme in return for the lifting of crippling Western sanctions.

Trump warned that those that don't wind down their ties to the Iranian economy "risk severe consequences" under the reimposed sanctions.

President Donald Trump says he will fully enforce the sanctions being reimposed on Iran as a result of the USA withdrawal from a 2015 nuclear deal. IAEA Director General Yukiya Amano reaffirmed that Iran "is implementing its nuclear-related commitments", adding that if the 2015 deal were to fail, "it would be a great loss for nuclear verification and for multilateralism".

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