Egyptian zoo busted painting donkeys to look like zebras

Twitter The alleged imposter

Twitter The alleged imposter

In 2010, a zoo in Gaza painted stripes on two donkeys it purchased for $700 because they were much cheaper than the $30,000 zebras.

The freaky creature was spotted by student Mahmoud A.Sarhani who was visiting the recently opened animal sanctuary at the International Garden municipal park. He wrote in Arabic: "The stupidity has reached in the country that they brought a local donkey and painted it to look like a zebra".

Egyptian student Mahmoud Sarhan shared his images on Facebook, saying the zebras were obviously painted donkeys.

However, the zoo has denied that the zebra was fake.

In 2013, a Chinese zoo in Henan province tried to pass off a Tibetan mastiff dog as an African lion, and in 2017 a zoo in Guangxi province disappointed visitors by exhibiting blow-up plastic penguins.

Despite this, International Gardens park's director Mohamed Sultan has rebuffed any suggestion the animal is anything other than a zebra.

This is not first time a zoo has been accused of trying to fool visitors.

Zebras and donkeys, despite both bearing a resemblance to horses, are different species. Or in this case, a donkey in zebra stripes.

The photo quickly went viral on social media, and Egyptians veterinarian told local media the animal was a donkey.

Oh yes, and their stripes are not smudged - unlike the creatures in Cairo.

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