Trump Invites Putin To Washington For Fall Summit

Russian President Vladimir Putin speaks during his annual press conference in Moscow

Putin Russia ‘Will Respond Proportionately’ to NATO Getting Closer to Ukraine Georgia NATALIA KOLESNIKOVA AFP Getty Images 20 Jul 2018

"He spent too many hours with Putin", Gingrich said, proceeding to lay out the steps taken against Russian Federation since Trump took office.

The videos showed that several of the new weapons systems, which were publicly unveiled by Mr Putin for the first time during a sabre-rattling campaign speech in March, are not works of science fiction - as some observers have mocked - but relatively far along in development. Our lawyers and diplomats should use this confession while preparing suits in global courts.

Cecilia Vega: "Is Russia still targeting the U.S., Mr. President?" "And it was voiced by dozens of influential Americans, and the American system, the systemic functioning of all institutions makes impromptu in foreign policy impossible", Gerashchenko added.

"What could possibly cause President Trump to put the interests of Russian Federation over those of the United States?"

The US leader later said he misspoke when he appeared to take Putin's denial of interference at face value and said he accepted the US intelligence community's view that Moscow sought to influence the 2016 vote.

More outrage has come with the news that Trump and Putin might be working out a deal whereby special counsel Robert Mueller would get access to interviews with Russians indicted after allegedly hacking Democrats, and Russia would get to question US officials it suspects of interfering in Russian affairs in exchange. President Donald Trump: "Well, I would, because he's in charge of the country, just like I consider myself to be responsible for things that happen in this country".

The White House later said the United States president had been saying "no" to further questions from reporters and that the threat to the USA electoral system "still exists".

United States intelligence officials have said Russia's efforts to undermine elections are continuing and now target the 6 November congressional elections. I will say this: "I don't see any reason why it would be".

Time magazine on Thursday unveiled its latest cover featuring a composite photo of President Trump and Russian President Vladimir Putin morphed into one person.

Politicians from both sides of the USA political divide have rubbished the idea - one Democrat congressman called the suggestion "crazy".

Trump has come under widespread domestic criticism about the meeting with Putin both from Democratic opponents and some Republicans.

Senator Jeff Flake, a Republican and a vocal critic of Mr. Trump, had labelled his performance at the Helsinki press conference as "shameful".

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo is due to testify before the Senate next week about the summit.

Following the controversy, Mr. Trump had to correct his own words from the press conference which followed the summit.

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