Mitch McConnell mocks article about Brett Kavanaugh’s finances on Senate floor

President Trump nominates Judge Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court during an event in the East Room of the White House in Washington

Partisan Divide Deepens Over Trump’s Supreme Court Pick

Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh continued meeting with US senators Thursday, which included speaking to Sen.

"After reviewing this nominee's record, I know why powerful special interests in Washington selected Judge Brett Kavanaugh to work on the Supreme Court for them, not the people of Wisconsin", she said.

"Judge Kavanaugh has written some troubling things about environmental protections, consumer protections, commonsense gun safety laws - all of which should be carefully examined by this Senate and by the American people", Minority Leader Chuck Schumer said. The official said Trump decided on Kavanaugh because of his large body of jurisprudence cited by other courts, describing him as a judge that other judges read.

Former Clerk for Judge Kavanaugh Hagan Scotten and former Clerk for Justice Scalia Ed Whelan on how much pushback Judge Kavanaugh will receive from Democrats.

Ingraham said she found none of that "display. attractive to me". Will he protect women's freedom to make their own reproductive health care decisions? You have many critics who say that is a cover for a conservative political agenda. According to the Center for Responsive Politics, the median net worth disclosed by Supreme Court justices was $4.6 million in 2017.

In 2009, Kavanaugh wrote that an indictment of a president would "cripple the federal government" and should wait until the president is out of office.

Republicans hold a slight majority in the Senate and were able previous year to confirm Trump's first Supreme Court nominee, Neil Gorsuch.

The day after he was nominated to become a Supreme Court justice, Brett Kavanaugh visited Capitol Hill, where his possible future on the high court will be determined.

GOP leaders, with a slim majority in the Senate, are anxious to have Kavanaugh in place for the start of the court's session in October - and before the November congressional elections. The others are Republican targets for the confirmation vote who come from Trump-won states where they face re-election this fall.

In 2016, Kavanaugh ruled in favor of a division of Verizon, which had ordered employees to stop displaying pro-union signs.

The American Civil War started in 1861, after a tense decade of increasing hostility between Southern Democrats who wanted to extend slavery beyond its boundaries as established by constitutional laws and Northern Republicans who saw slavery as evil and wanted to keep it within those limits.

At the end of last month, Justice Anthony Kennedy, announced he would be retiring and stepping down effective July 31st, 2018. He is also widely known as the "swing vote" in many Supreme Court decisions.

"We're not fooled by the argument that Kavanaugh isn't a "bomb-thrower" or that he's made no extreme controversial rulings", read another tweet.

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