Donald Trump, serial harasser of women, mocks the #MeToo movement

WATCH LIVE: Trump holds campaign rally in Montana

'How Did He Get Elected?': Trump Blasts Sen. Jon Tester, Asks Voters to 'Right Their Wrong' in November

Trump also revived the derogatory "Pocahontas" nickname he has used previously to describe Warren.

"And we will say we will give $1 million to your favorite charity, paid for by Trump, if you take the test and it shows you are an Indian". "We will gently take the kit and slowly toss it hoping it didn't injury her arm".

Jill and the other reporters set up in the press pen where most got their laptops set up and began live tweeting or sending stories to their newsrooms.

Numerous Democrats - including Warren - have called for the agency to be abolished in the wake of the controversy over the separation of some illegal immigrant families after parents have been detained on the U.S. -Mexico border.

In a campaign stop that was both political and personal, Trump targeted Tester in a bid to get more Republicans elected to the Senate but also to punish the lawmaker he blames for derailing his nominee to lead the Department of Veterans Affairs. Trump also claims that Democrats "couldn't give a damn" about law enforcement.

Tester's campaign published a full-page ad ahead of Trump's visit thanking the president for signing 16 bills that Tester sponsored or co-sponsored.

Appearing in a state he dominated in 2016, Trump sought to cast Tester as a "liberal Democrat", railing against his voting record on issues like abortion, immigration and taxes.

The president once again promised to appoint a justice to replace the retiring Supreme Court justice Anthony Kennedy.

In a lengthy, freewheeling speech Thursday in Great Falls, Montana, on Thursday, President Trump spent the vast majority of the hour-plus speech hitting on familiar themes: trade, taxes, immigration, protests by National Football League players, the economy, the press, better relations with Russian Federation and North Korea, his proposed "space force", and the Supreme Court vacancy. "He's gonna fight for you - Matt Rosendale".

"You deserve a senator who actually votes like he's from Montana", the president said.

"You can right your wrong in November", he told the constituents. He went public with multiple allegations of misconduct against Jackson. The Pentagon is investigating. Rosendale said he'll back Trump's agenda, while Tester said he'll support the president when it's in the state's interests and oppose him when it's not. "And that's probably why I'm here". And I couldn't agree more.

Trump then disparaged the Me Too movement - raising some eyebrows, but drawing laughter from the friendly audience.

Tester planned to spend Thursday listening to farmers and business owners concerns about Trumps import tariffs and was expected to be driving back to his farm at the time of Trumps rally, spokeswoman Marnee Banks said. "If you wanna save better vote Republican".

He went after Germany for not spending more of its budget on defence and claimed to have delivered an ultimatum to Chancellor Angela Merkel.

"You know I feel guilty", Trump said on Jackson's demise that led to the withdrawal of his nomination. He adds that journalists questioning his readiness "don't say that".

"This is a really good man, this is a man that loves the people of Montana", Trump said, "loves the people of this country".

This week, the president interviewed roughly a half dozen potential nominees from a list prepared by conservative lawyers and legal scholars. "Totally prepared. I've been preparing for this stuff my whole life". Not a blemish, ' Trump said. Trump has denied all of the allegations against him. He teased the announcement of his Supreme Court pick and a possible slogan for his 2020 campaign.

How did Jon Tester respond to the rally? Jon Tester (D-MT) in the 2018 midterm election.

Trump then moved to a number of global issues, saying he planned to make it clear that certain North Atlantic Treaty Organisation members must "start paying the bills".

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