Flight love connection captures the attention of Twitter users


Couple meets in plane, shares love story on Twitter

When former UConn soccer player Euan Holden boarded his flight to Dallas on Monday night he had no idea it would end with a potential romance, a viral Twitter thread and the nicknames "Plane Bae" and "Hunky Plane Guy". "If there's a message going out, it's that there's still hope".

Throughout the flight, Rosey documented the budding couple's interaction on social media, even splurging a few extra dollars for more in-flight WiFi to keep her new fans locked in.

It happened thusly: another woman named Rosey Blair was seated on a Monday flight from NY to Dallas one row immediately in front of her boyfriend. As if ripped from a tagline of a '90s romantic comedy starring Sandra Bullock, a woman may have just cast herself as the lead's best friend.

Blair watched as the two followed each other on Instagram, which is where she eventually found both of them after making it home.

In a lovely incident, two strangers fell in love at the first sight after a woman requested her to swap seats in the plane so that she could sit with her boyfriend during the journey. It seems social media has identified her, though most of her accounts have since been deleted. "I recognize you. This has to be you, '" he said.

A handsome stranger ended up being that woman's new neighbor, and the two appeared to hit it off from the get-go, according to Blair's perspective. Both are into fitness, both work as personal trainers, both are single, and both are based near Dallas.

"He sat down next to her and my boyfriend and I began squirming with delight, elbowing one another", said Rosey.

"As soon as we saw them connect I wanted to share it with my followers", she said.

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