Basketball Australia boss feared for players after Philippines brawl

FIBA Amer added to Gilas for Australia rematch

Thon Maker Was Involved In A Massive Brawl During FIBA World Cup Qualifying

Basketball's global governing body has opened disciplinary hearings against Australia and the Philippines after their World Cup 2019 Asian qualifier descended into chaos with 13 players ejected for brawling during the match.

The game then continued, with Australia's starting five facing the three remaining Filipino team players. South Sudan-Australian forward Thon Maker was seen kicking Gilas naturalized player Andray Blatche during the bench-clearing incident.

A total of 13 players were ejected after the melee that began in the third quarter of Australia's 89-53 victory following a collision in the lane. That would leave only 8 players left to finish the game as a 3 on 5. "We didn't want what happened to happen", Philippines basketball president Al Panlilo said in an address to fans as the game was stopped, according to ABS-CBN News.

At one point, Boomer Thon Maker tried to high-kick a Philippines player, while Nathan Sobey was on the wrong end of a chair.

"Basketball's worldwide governing body has opened disciplinary hearings against Australia and the Philippines".

The Australians later tweeted that everyone on their team was safe and well.

Moore rejected the claim, saying "there was nothing like that in the first half that even indicated that this was about to happen".

"While we accept responsibility for our role in last night's incident, what we don't accept is the actions whereby fans and officials actually get involved in the fray".

The Philippines are on track to qualify for next year's Fiba World Cup as long as they could find some wins in the second round of qualifying against middle eastern nations.

Maker, who was playing for Australia, can be seen in footage of the fight launching himself in the air at members of the other team.

There's been no word yet on any further disciplinary action from FIBA, but there's a possibility that punishment such as sanctions and/or fines could be coming down. "A dark day", Moore said.

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