See the Moment Meghan Markle Realizes Her Royal Etiquette Faux Pas

Queen Elizabeth sits besides Meghan Markle

The Royal Family Has Shunned Meghan Markle's Dad After His Tell All Interview And He's Furious About It

The Duchess of Sussex's father Thomas Markle has complained about the royal family arranging to meet President Donald Trump before him.

"Gender equality, girls education, gay rights and human rights - which were the focus of her work as a United Nations advocate and a representative for the One World Foundation - will be themes to be prominently featured in her future work", the source explains.

Meghan Markle and Blake Lively are going head to head for a very fashionable award!

"No, we didn't go to Namibia".

After all, a lot of royal fans and critics alike will agree that the Duchess of Sussex is exactly the kind of person that the monarchy needs right now.

Meghan, Harry and The Queen will appear together last today as they attended the Queen Young Leaders awards reception.

Much has been said lately about how close Meghan Markle and Queen Elizabeth II seem to be since Meg Wednesday Prince Harry in May in an extravagant wedding.

The Royal Family seems to have welcomed Meghan Markle into their fold with open arms, but according to The Telegraph, it came at a hefty cost.

After the announcement of her engagement to Prince Harry, Meghan was quick to delete all traces of social media, including her Instagram and Twitter accounts.

Commonwealth Youth Ambassador Prince Harry said the young leaders are "the hope and optimism the world needs".

Prior to her relationship with Prince Harry, Meghan would regularly post pictures of her healthy living lifestyle, including yoga and clean-eating snaps, as well as the occasional shot of her adopted dog, Guy. "We know that she's a keen feminist, it's written in her official bio on the official Royal Family website-a first!-and she's interested in issues that affect youth in the United Kingdom, such as gang culture".

A source revealed "They were so supportive. I guess you could say you're stuck with me", he cracked with a chuckle.

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