Now, you can add background music to your Instagram Stories

Instagram music

CREDIT Courtesy of Instagram

Instagram has announced the launch of a new feature, Music In Instagram Stories.

The music sticker is available now "in select countries" on iOS, with an Android version "coming soon". Before this, users were only able to add music to their Stories by playing a song out on their phone. With these, you can either add music before or after you capture a Story. Once you snap a picture or a video, tap on the newly added music icon on the sticker window. Instagram says there's "thousands" of songs included, but the list isn't as extensive as what can be found on apps like Apple Music and Spotify. Once you choose a track, you can then fast-forward or rewind to find the exact part that you want in your Story. They'll also see a tappable sticker with the song title and artist name. What's more, you can even pick a song before capturing a video. What's more? You can search out a song and artist of your choice, or you can look through the selection of songs by choosing the genre, what's most popular, and what you're feeling. It's unclear when this feature will go live in the Android app, but it shouldn't be too long.

The feature is now available only in a few selected countries and Instagram is working towards launching the feature in more countries.

On Thursday, Instagram announced that they have 400 million daily users of their app, which is nothing short of insanely impressive.

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