Honestly, where’s Apple’s long-promised AirPower charging pad?

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Apple's AirPower wireless charger may not be released until September (AAPL)

Earlier today, Bloomberg published an extensive piece diving into why it has taken so long for Apple to release its highly-anticipated AirPower charger.

Remember Apple's AirPower multi-device charging mat that was first introduced back in September a year ago? It was then expected that the company would announce the release at WWDC 2018 but that didn't happen as well. Unfortunately, issues surrounding overheating and the complexity of the circuitry inside the device got in the way.

The AirPower accessory is very complicated and its circuit boards include a custom Apple chip running a minimal version of iOS to run power management for each device.

According to the insiders, Apple's original goal was to have AirPower on sale this month.

The AirPower is reportedly now amid "extensive" testing, including "everyday" use at Apple's offices.

In the absence of AirPower, Apple has advised its fans to turn to third-party wireless charging solutions from third-party providers like Belkin.

Apple had hoped to have AirPower ready to go by June, but now it aims to have the device available in the fall.

The oval-shaped AirPower allows you to change multiple Apple devices at the same time, including the iPhone X, iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus, and Apple Watch Series 3. Even if Apple manages to come up with a fast wireless charging technology, it still can not remove the Lightning port from the iPhone X. This is because the port is also used to connect the phone to a bunch of different accessories like docks, adapters, and speakers. "Apple engineers have also been working to squash bugs related to the on-board firmware, according to the people familiar".

Interestingly, Apple has faced a lot of manufacturing hurdles with some of its other recent products such as the iPhone X and HomePod.

"The multi-device charging mechanism is challenging to build because it likely requires different sized charging components for the three types of devices, which would all overlap across the mat".

When AirPower was first announced alongside iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus, and iPhone X, Apple stated that the hardware would make its way into the public domain "sometime" during 2018.

Here's everything we know so far about the AirPower wireless charging pad.

All of these accessories are part of Apple's Other Products business, which has been growing rapidly.

It needs to be ideal if Apple's longer-term ambitions for wireless charging are to be cleanly executed, mind.

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