IAF strikes vehicle of leader of cell flying incendiary kites and balloons

US Ambassador to Israel David Friedman attends the 6th Global Forum for Combating Anti Semitism in Jerusalem

US Ambassador to Israel David Friedman attends the 6th Global Forum for Combating Anti Semitism in Jerusalem

IDF policy until now had been to fire warning shots and prevent incendiary balloons and kites from entering Israeli airspace.

The Israel Democracy Institute, a liberal think-tank, said the bill s ambiguous wording could prevent anyone besides the army from documenting soldiers, and expose Israeli soldiers to legal proceedings in global forums.

Since 2007, the Gaza Strip has groaned under a crippling Israeli/Egyptian blockade that has largely destroyed the enclave's economy and deprived its roughly two million inhabitants of basic commodities.

The balloons and kites were created to set forests and fields on fire.

The army said two of the airstrikes targeted vehicles and infrastructure in the Gaza Strip belonging to Palestinians involved in launching "arson balloons" or kites.

It added that the strike came in retaliation to "explosive and incendiary balloons and kites, launched from the Gaza Strip" and added that the army "will continue to target, with escalating force, groups responsible for attacks, which endanger the lives of Israelis near the Gaza Strip".

Releasing such kinds of kites and balloons is part of the rallies and protests organized by the Palestinians, which started on March 30 in five separate locations in eastern Gaza Strip, close to the border with Israel.

On Thursday, Hamas threatened to launch around 5,000 flaming airborne objects some 40 kilometers into Israel on Friday in a new round of weekly demonstrations on the volatile border. "If we respond too strongly it could lead to an escalation of hostilities".

Those who have condemned Israel have yet to come up with an alternative solution that Israel could have taken, except, like Prime Minister Ardern, that under the name of "proportionality" Israel should have let Israelis be killed to satisfy the worldwide community, some of whom, like New Zealand, are allegedly Israel's friends.

The two sides have fought three wars since 2008 and observe a tense ceasefire.

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