California residents to vote on splitting into 3 states

California voters will be asked this November if they want to split the state into three separate states Northern California which would include San Francisco left California which would include Los Angeles

Proposal to split California into three states earns spot on ballot | TheHill

A controversial plan to divide California into three states has gotten enough signatures to appear on the ballot in November.

The proposal would make California the L.A. area, Northern California and Southern Cal would be the other two new states.

Still, the "Cal-3" campaign said the ballot initiative will at the very least give voters an opportunity to express dissatisfaction with the status quo.

"This is an unprecedented show of support on behalf of every corner of California to create three state governments that emphasize representation, responsiveness, reliability and regional identity", Draper said in a May interview with CNN.

Southern California would be made up of Fresno, Imperial, Inyo, Kern, Kings, Madera, Mono, Orange, Riverside, San Bernardino, San Diego and Tulare counties.

A movement to divide California into three states edged closer to reality this week.

If California voters pass Cal3 in November, Democratic Governor Jerry Brown or his successor would be directed to petition Congress to approve the split, as called for under the U.S. Constitution. And one of those states, based on past election results, could be won by a Republican.

See below for the total number of signatures collected in each California county.

Gate Bridge and San Francisco skyline from the Marin Headlands above Sausalito Calif. An initiative that seeks to split California into three states is projected to qualify for the state's Novemb
Measure to split California into 3 states qualifies for November ballot

The breakup would also likely be challenged in court and would need congressional approval, a tough get in today's hyperpartisan Washington.

The only solution, he maintains, is smaller governments better equipped to respond to residents' specific needs depending on the region of California where they live.

California governments would be served by three smaller state governments.

The California State flag flies beside a sign for Los Angeles' sister city Split outside City Hall, in LA in 2017.

Californians have talked about breaking up with themselves ever since California became a state in 1850.

Northern California would include 40 counties from Santa Cruz to the OR border, including San Francisco and Sacramento, the state's current capital.

The new ballot measure would create states with roughly equal populations and, compared with the six-state proposal, more comparable income levels.

According to California's Secretary of State office, the initiative is one of four that are eligible for placement on the November ballot. The third state, California, would cover six counties in the coastal area stretching between Monterey and Los Angeles. "This isn't about politics - this is about sustainable solutions to intractable issues that impact Californians every day - like our local schools, infrastructure and government responsiveness". A recent survey found that only 17 percent of registered voters in the state favor the plan while 72 percent oppose it.

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