Domino's tackling potholes for the sake of pizza

Domino's Pizza fixing potholes

Domino's fixes roads with ?Paving for Pizza? initiative - Autoblog

Domino's says they'll come to their town and fix their potholes to "smooth the ride home" for their pizzas.

Domino's Pizza is taking matters into it's own hands and filling potholes in city streets.

We'll skip the debate on the "great-tasting pizza" comment and note that the initiative is called Paving For Pizza, and Domino's says in a release that it fixed 200 potholes across four municipalities.

Former Detroit Lion Nate Burleson can relate, but one popular pizza chain is geared up to fill in potholes to prevent your pizza from being ruined before you even walk through your door.

Officials in the cities Domino's worked with so far said they were happy to get the help, Domino's website said. You can nominate your area.

Screenshot from the Paving for Pizza website. The trucks sent out to the jobs include a slogan that reads "bad roads shouldn't happen to good pizza". Just go to and enter your zip code. The pizza chain has more than 14,800 stores in more than 85 markets.

Fouracre declined to disclose specific grant details, but said they're "smaller", "not multi-million dollar" awards created to add on to pothole-fixing budgets. According to the inspection report, in addition to the droppings on the dough, large amounts were also found on the floor, shelves, in the bathroom, the walk-in coolers and inside empty boxes of chocolate lava cake.

KFC actually beat Domino's to this idea back in 2009, Fortune said.

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