Regina man remembers father after Spade and Bourdain deaths

US suicide rate on rise: health agency

New CDC report shows troubling rise in nation's suicide rates

Among those who committed suicide and who had known mental health conditions, 67.2% had a history of treatment for mental health or substance abuse conditions, and 54 percent were in treatment at the time of their suicide.

On Tuesday, acclaimed fashion designer Kate Spade was found hanged in her NY apartment.

His suicide death has people sharing their memories from that night.

The data also shows that about 22%-24% of people who died by suicide, regardless of whether or not they had a diagnosed mental health condition, disclosed their intent at some point, underscoring the importance of taking such comments seriously.

"Our data suggests that suicide is more than a mental health issue", she said.

Within the last month and a half DJ / Producer Avicii, fashion designer Kate Spade, and celebrity chef / television host Anthony Bourdain all have taken their own life.

MA legislators passed a "red flag" gun bill on Thursday, a law that state Senate President Harriette Chandler said would help reduce the risk of suicide in the state.

US suicide rate on rise: health agency
Kansas suicide rate ranks 19th overall

The biggest increase in suicides was in North Dakota, where the rate jumped more than 57 percent.

The CDC released a report on Thursday showing the national suicide rate has risen in various parts of the country significantly across the past three decades, growing by almost 30 percent from 1999 to 2016. So far this year, 27 people have taken their lives.

"We learn the signs of stroke and we learn what skin cancer looks like", said Keltz.

Sometimes when a famous person is in the news after committing suicide, there's a tendency for people-especially fans-to want to do it themselves. "If they did, we would all respond, but that isn't how it works". It's up everywhere. And we know that the rates are actually higher than what's reported. The American Foundation for Suicide Prevention has more information on risk factors and warning signs.

"If they've quit something that they loved or they stopped engaging in a hobby, or they might be giving away personal items, or talking about death", said Jones.

The National Suicide Prevention Lifeline: 1-800-273-TALK (8255) or you can visit

Researchers believe people in rural areas could be more at risk due to less access to mental health services. "Being there for your friends and colleagues and family when they're going through a hard time can be quite important", Schuchat says.

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