LeBron James to take time before deciding on future

6 jokes Le Bron James has made despite the Cavs rough NBA Finals

6 jokes Le Bron James has made despite the Cavs rough NBA Finals

Ironically, it is West who's highly-regarded as the architect of this Golden State Warriors juggernaut - the team responsible for two or maybe three of the Cavs forward's finals losses, depending on what happens in the 2018 NBA Finals.

Stephen Curry had 12 points and the Golden State Warriors made six 3-pointers in taking a 34-25 lead after one quarter of Game 4.

On Friday, the Cavaliers clawed back from an 11-point deficit before pulling in front on a slam dunk from James near the midway mark of the second quarter, but it was just a matter of time before the Warriors took over.

Quotable - LeBron James, on guiding the Cavaliers through the postseason ... He can either opt into his contract for next season or become an unrestricted free agent. Even with being, arguably, the greatest player in National Basketball Association history, James can't defeat the mighty force of the Golden State Warriors alone.

Four years after returning to Cleveland from Miami, James has delivered what he promised: a championship for the city of Cleveland.

There is something particularly appealing about the bright lights of Hollywood.

James' future isn't the only one in question.

He already owns homes in Los Angeles and could further his movie career.

By the Warriors, by the burden he carried leading an underwhelming supporting cast to the NBA Finals, by the weight of his second Cleveland tenure possibly ending. He's a damn good basket player, too. The Lakers have a young team with plenty of cap size. James, 33, is the oldest finals leader in points and minutes, having struck for 51 points in the opener, the fifth-best game total in finals history.

The goal here is simple: winning.

Overcoming obstacles all season long, the Warriors won their fourth straight finals matchup against James and Cleveland easily.

Despite the Warriors' dominance, they believe they navigated a hard journey.

Sources told ESPN that the injury was the result of him punching a blackboard in the locker room after that game. Many fans are probably still wondering "what if".

And it was the first time that a team had lost a finals in a clean sweep since 2007, when the San Antonio Spurs inflicted that pain on... the James-led Cavaliers. The Rockets are arguably James' best chance at another title.

That brings James to a crossroads.

Don't count out Cleveland just yet.

All three championships have come against the Cavaliers, with the series clincher coming in Cleveland for the second time.

If his family is settled in Ohio, James may decide to stay.

These two get mentioned together because they are the definition of a long shot.

Curry said individual accolades are "kind of a validation" but that the Warriors' title matters more.

Sitting there, bags of ice on his knees, James looked as though the miles of 15 seasons had caught up to him.

According to Stephen A. Smith, James will also consider meeting with the Warriors.

Every other team this summer will try to figure out how to beat Golden State.

While Curry was the star of the night, Kevin Durant also had a standout performance, picking up the first playoff triple double of his career.

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