Apple set to unveil latest software updates

Apple kicks off its yearly WWDC conference for developers with focus on quality

Apple set to unveil latest software updates

"We know there are people who would like extra help", Federighi said of curbing app time.

The company today unveiled for the first time what these new controls would look like, and how they work.

watchOS 5 is widely welcome by users and tech experts worldwide.

The shareholders suggested Apple task an executive to focus on these digital wellbeing features aimed at children and parents, and include new setup menus in Apple software that better allow parents to tailor the functionality of the device to the child's specific ages. CEO Tim Cook and Craig Federighi, Apple's senior vice president of software engineering, were on hand to announce the company's latest news. The growth comes as Apple's top-selling product, the iPhone, hasn't been selling as briskly as investors had hoped after last fall's much-anticipated release of the super-premium iPhone X.

Apple is taking a swipe at ubiquitous "share" buttons created by Facebook and others to track your behavior online regardless of whether you click on them.

For years, some consumers have criticized the iOS software for bugs.

Apple could introduce a tool to help users better manage their time on their devices. You also no longer need to say "Hey Siri" to wake the assistant, as raising your wrist will soon be sufficient.

And it appears Apple is set to follow suit. Apple would consider enhancing its tracking system for providing the wearer more data related to their eating and sleeping habits. The company started that effort a year ago when it built AR tools into most iPhones and iPads; by contrast, Google had limited that to niche Android phone models. What remains to be seen is whether there is enough of a compelling reason for someone to use AR, even if it's built into everyday apps. Digital objects created with the new format, called USDZ, will work in Apple's Safari browser, Messages and Mail apps, meaning AR isn't limited to stand-alone apps that people choose to download separately.

With phone addiction becoming an increasingly serious PR challenge for Apple and other companies making smartphones and the stuff running on them, tech companies are under the gun to get us off our smartphones - even as they try to sell us more of them. In January, major shareholders wrote a letter to Apple hoping to persuade the Cupertino company to add more parental controls as well as explore the impact of excessive phone use on mental health.

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