As police close in, suspect in 4 Arizona slayings kills self

Forensic psychiatrist who worked on Jon Benet Ramsey case shot dead outside Arizona office

Arizona cops believe killings of two paralegals and forensic psychologist are linked

Lewis said police did not fire any shots and no one else was injured.

Jones' death on Monday ended a multiday mass murder that gripped many people in the legal and health care fields with fear, and which rivals some of the worst massacres in Phoenix history.

Investigators witnessed Jones dumping a bag into a trash can in the area of Scottsdale Road and Shea Boulevard.

Four of the victims have connections to Jones' acrimonious separation from his wife about a decade ago, Slavin said, but police are not sure if the man and woman found dead in the house are connected to that divorce. He was gunned down outside his Phoenix office.

Here is the timeline of those shooting deaths, per Assistant Police Chief Rich Slavin with the Scottsdale Police Department.

Police said their deaths are linked to Pitt's homicide.

Court records showed that in 2011, more than a year after the divorce, Jones was well behaved during counselor-monitored visits with his son, and he had taken 36 weeks of domestic violence classes while serving probation. Police say the killings began Thursday with Steven Pitt, a forensic psychiatrist who assisted in the JonBenet Ramsey mystery in Colorado and a notorious Phoenix serial killer investigation.

The suspect was wanted in connection with at least four murders in the Phoenix suburb of Scottsdale in a three-day span. Police said Sunday that Marshall Levine was found shot inside an office building shortly after midnight Saturday.

Slavin said ballistic evidence connected the killings of Steven Pitts, Veleria Sharp, Laura Anderson and Marshall Levine.

Police said one of the women was shot in the head.

The arrest was on record when she filed for divorce.

Jones goes on to say, "As a medical professional and a citizen I am deeply saddened by the tragedy caused by my ex-husband".

The slayings also included two paralegals who worked for the law office that represented the suspect's wife, a marriage-and-divorce counselor who was apparently killed in a case of mistaken identity and another man and woman who have not been identified. For now, he said, the extended stay hotel is a crime scene.

Scottsdale Police asked the Maricopa County Sheriff's Office to respond and check on the residents. Police used DNA samples from Jones' relatives to make the match. Because Jones was seen near a home near East Kit Fox Place in Fountain Hills, but his association with the home wasn't known. Those victims have not been identified and they have not been connected by ballistics to the first four killings. Both victims worked as paralegals. "We ask for privacy during this hard time". The package contained a.22-caliber pistol that was owned by the man who lived in Fountain Hills, he said. And the hotel where Jones is said to have killed himself is right next to his office in Scottsdale's Agua Caliente shopping center. As part of his divorce proceedings, Jones was required to be seen by Dr. Pitt.

"He was willing to dedicate himself to this, and he put aside the risk to do what he did", she said.

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