Syria's Assad says will visit North Korea, news agency reports

North Korea

One of Kim Jong-un's many palatial homes in Pyongyang

North Korea has been eager to secure U.S. security guarantee of the Kim Jong-un regime in return for abandoning nuclear arsenal.

The North Korean envoy, Kim Yong Chol, was the highest-level figure from the reclusive country to hold talks at the White House since a senior envoy visited former President Bill Clinton in 2000.

After weeks of uncertainty, President Donald Trump called off the summit last week, blaming "open hostility" from North Korea. Bush and Gorbachev had declared the end of the Cold War, and the summit was referred to be the most important meeting since 1945, when British Prime Minister Winston Churchill, Soviet Premier Joseph Stalin and US President Franklin D. Roosevelt agreed on a post-war plan for Europe at Yalta.

North Korean hackers allegedly infiltrated Sony's systems and destroyed computers and laptops, apparently in retaliation for the entertainment company's comedy movie "The Interview" that parodied North Korea's leadership.

"What North Korean people want is anything to happen to crack that regime up, open that up", Kim said. As a result, US planners are considering asking the host country of Singapore to pay for the North Korean delegation's bill.

"The first process is largely about building trust until such a time there would be complete, verifiable denuclearization of North Korea and normalizing of diplomatic relations between the USA and North Korea", said Cho.

What Trump must do is clear: Explain to the North Koreans they must be willing to make their nuclear pledge the focus of the summit.

President Donald Trump confirmed that his scheduled meeting would take place after earlier doubts it would proceed. North Korea may also ask Singapore to pay for it. "I don't think there will be an major economic investment from the South until we see some progress on the nuclear issue and worldwide sanctions are lifted". Of course, as this recent report from the Washington Post reveals, that doesn't mean that North Korea is above making requests which a true superpower would find to be embarrassing.

Hyon Kim has lived in Minnesota for decades, but has family in North Korea. Alternatively, the North Koreans might travel in a plane provided by another country. That question hovers over many other decisions, including who will determine the menus for meals, as well as who walks into the meeting venue first. Situated off Singapore's southeast coast, the hotel boasts a mix of colonial-style buildings and curvy modern edifices. The reporter was later instructed to leave the premises after interacting with the USA planning delegation, which is now staying at the resort.

FILE - Defectors from North Korea cover their faces with placards as a safety precaution for their relatives still living in the North, during a protest in Seoul, South Korea, against human rights abuses in North Korea, Jan. 26, 2015.

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