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Roseanne Barr's Ex-Husband Tom Arnold Says She 'Wanted' ABC to Cancel Her Show

President TrumpDonald John TrumpKoch brothers company tweets support for Kim Kardashian after Trump meeting Romney reveals he wrote in wife's name for president in 2016 Pompeo has dinner with top North Korean official in NY: report MORE targeted Bob Iger in the wake of the controversy surrounding Roseanne Barr, asking why the Disney CEO did not apologize for a corrected ABC News report late past year.

Roseanne Barr's latest racist tweet, comparing Valerie Jarrett to an ape, and ABC canceling "Rosanne" because of it, were both "no brainer" decisions.

'The same ABC who hired her after years of her posting other tweets saying Hillary was running a child sex abuse ring out of a pizza restaurant in DC, that the Clintons had murdered people, and anyone who criticized Benjamin Netanyahu was a Nazi, ' Moore wrote.

During a Twitter discussion with her supporters, disgraced comedian Roseanne Barr debunked viral claims that her canceled sitcom would be moving to Fox.

However, Roseanne conceded that there was no defence for her inflammatory tweet and has offered an apology to Jarrett. "When I read her social media in the very beginning, and I saw how she was so into the conspiracy stuff with Donald Trump and so how far gone she was, and the "pizzagate" and Hillary is a pedophile and Obama wasn't born here, she was, you know, a 'birther, ' and how insane that was-I just knew that this would not end well".

"Or [that Barr] had made some agreement, at the beginning of the show, to maybe stay off Twitter", he said.

Trump is literally equating an erroneous news story with a racist, personal attack. And they are about to rue the day they knew me.' Moore wrote in the caption of a video tweet on Wednesday.

"The president is simply calling out the media bias". "I've been up there (11) times already, and if I didn't get one, I'm not gonna get one".

Iger and Jarrett did not immediately respond to requests for comment about Trump's tweet.

The barrage of swift statements from ABC-Disney execs after the cancellation certainly backs that up. That Roseanne. Like Trump, went on a Wild White Racist tear during the Obama years, ' he added. Iger told Vogue magazine last month that he had considered running for president but decided against it to focus on business.

Barr has since blamed her behavior on the sleep aid Ambien. "I'm so sick over this-they will never have better character actors on their network", she tweeted. "I made a mistake I wish I hadn't but... don't defend it please". "While all pharmaceutical treatments have side effects, racism is not a known side effect of any Sanofi medication".

The remaining cast has been mostly silent since releasing initial statements blasting Barr for her offensive tweets.

"I had an assistant who was a young guy and I needed Roseanne to either look at something or sign something and Roseanne had pretty much barricaded her set from executives coming by because she was paranoid". But it seems she at least thought it "makes a lot more sense [than] most things", as that's what she quote retweeted from another Twitter user named Jimmy Holland.

"The person who is walking down the street minding their own business and they see somebody cling to their purse, or run across the street, or every black parent I know who has a boy who has to sit down and have a conversation, the talk, as we call it", she continued.

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