Viral video shows police officer repeatedly punching woman on New Jersey beach

Credit Wildwood Police

Credit Wildwood Police

Police officers have been re-assigned to administrative duty amid an investigation after video posted online shows an officer punching a woman on a beach in New Jersey.

It began with an officer having 20-year-old Emily Weinman, of Philadelphia, blowing into a breathalyzer a couple times after suspecting underage drinking.

Emily Weinman, of Philadelphia, was on the beach with her 18-month-old daughter, boyfriend and a friend on Saturday when she was approached by police officers who believed she was drinking alcohol.

The two punches seen in the video that went viral earlier this week are not clearly visible from the officer's body camera, but the moment of the woman's most extreme distress can be seen.

Wildwood police asked anyone who was present and has video of the altercation to come forward to help their internal affairs investigation, in which Cape May County officers will also be assisting.

"This matter is still under investigation, however, in an effort to insure transparency with the public we serve, it was imperative that this video be released as soon as feasibly possible", Wildwood police said in a statement. "She probably would have just gotten a citation". Wildwood Police Chief Robert Regalbuto called the video "alarming" but said he doesn't want to "rush to any judgment".

In the meantime, retired law enforcement officer Steve Rogers says you should give the cops your name if they suspect a crime.

In her Facebook post, Weinman conceded that she should have complied with the officer's request, but did not out of fear. As for the spitting, Emily explained on Facebook, "The cops smashed my head into the ground when he tackled me and I spit the sand out of my mouth".

Weinman then refused to provide her name, leading the cop to initiate an arrest, according to her post.

"Officers have to use only the modicum of force necessary to effect a lawful arrest. Police are supposed to care for us, protect us", said Naim Kerbag. "Matthew, they're choking me".

Weinman's lawyer, Stephen Dicht, said after viewing the body cam videos, "I don't think it puts the police in a good light".

"From what I see on the video and only on the video, from not even talking to the officers, I think they did a decent job", Regalbuto said. "She tried to tell us it was okay for her to possess alcohol and that doesn't make any sense".

Officers are heard conversing with Weinman about the alcohol possession.

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