Donald Trump, Kim Kardashian meet on prison reform

Ariel view One of the shots is from the window of an airplane showing green pastures and snowy mountains with the caption'so beautiful

Ariel view One of the shots is from the window of an airplane showing green pastures and snowy mountains with the caption'so beautiful

But Kardashian planned to raise the case of Alice Marie Johnson, a grandmother imprisoned for a first time drug offence, according to a statement from one of Johnson's lawyers released in advance.

In part of a larger prosecution of people involved with the Colombian drug cartel Cali, Johnson was convicted on a series of charges ranging from conspiracy to possess cocaine with intent to distribute it to money laundering.

Radar reader know that Kushner, 37, (a Harvard graduate and loving husband to Ivanka Trump) has made some progress in the topic of prison reform since his father-in-law entered the White House.

Johnson's case was first noticed by Kardashian when she saw a video about it on social media and chose to pay for a new legal team to fight the sentence. "Jared Kushner, who I've spoke to, has been really working on some criminal justice reform bills and I would love to sit and talk to them", she told Mic earlier this month.

Kardashian West will not be bringing her husband, Kanye West, her camera crew, or one of her sisters. The group has put together an online petition on her behalf, and she tops the non-profit group Can-Do's list of convicted women who deserve a reprieve.

Kim Kardashian went to the White House yesterday to have a meeting with Donald Trump about prison reform.

It appears Kardashian wore this to remind White House staffers, Trump especially, that she means business.

Before stepping out at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave, Kardashian took to Twitter to wish Johnson well. Listen, it's a not great state of affairs when you need a massive celebrity to get the attention of the president and fix gross injustices, but if Kim K. can get it done, more power to her.

Before sitting down with the president, Kardashian West sent out a tweet to mark Johnson's birthday.

In a letter written to Kardashian and obtained by TMZ, Johnson thanked the reality star for her efforts, including the help of Holley, who was once a member of O.J. Simpson's "dream team" alongside Kardashian's late father, Robert Kardashian.

And, of course, Donald Trump couldn't wait to share a photo of their meeting.

Just last week, the president granted a rare posthumous pardon to boxing's first black heavyweight champion, clearing Jack Johnson's name more than 100 years after what many saw as his racially charged conviction. She has been behind bars for more than two decades.

"Kim is truly my war angel who will stop at nothing or leave no stone unturned to bring me home", Johnson said in the email.

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