Facebook Rolling Out Stories Archive, Cloud Storage And Audio Posts

Facebook introduces voice posts, story archive options for users in India

Facebook launches voice posts, two other features from India

The social network has also said that an archive feature will be rolled out in the coming weeks which will let users save the Facebook Stories they want to preserve.

The tools may persuade people in regions outside of North America, Europe and Asia to use Facebook Stories more often. The new features will let users Save Stories, give them the option of sharing "Audio" Stories, and the option to create an archive of their past Stories.

The company just introduced a new set of updates for its camera-centric feature, but, unlike some previous updates, the features will roll out to users in India first. Photos and videos saved in the Facebook cloud can only be viewed by the user and they can be posted at a later time.

Only the user can see photos that are saved to Facebook's Camera and stored on the cloud. Users will also be able to add stickers, texts and or doodles to their Facebook Stories audio posts.

Facebook does not mention if there is a storage limit for unshared photos, but we can go ahead and assume that there isn't.

Among other offerings, the Save Photos and Videos feature offers you a way to save photos and videos that you capture using the Facebook Camera.

Facebook introduces voice posts, story archive options for users in India
Facebook's new India-focused features: Voice posts, Stories archive, and save photos for later

Though the waving of the phone could not be avoided, this new feature will certainly reduce the time of waiting before you can actually start to enjoy your meal.

The features will initially be available in India before coming to the rest of the world.

On the question why, Facebook is adding Voice Posts to Stories, the company responded, "We are always working to help people share and connect with their friends and family on Facebook in ways that are authentic to them". The most important as far as I am concerned is the return of "voice posts". Usually, Stories delete themselves after 24 hours, but you'll be able to prevent that from happening for the Stories you value most.

In terms of availability, Facebook is introducing this option on its Android app only and there is no word on when the company will bring this feature on to its iOS app. If you share a voice post to Stories, it will disappear from your story after 24 hours.

You'll need to tap the Archive button (looks like a small clock) that is located in the Stories section above your News Feed. If you do not want to archive your Stories, you have the option to decline. You can also reshare them as a story or post it on News Feed.

Facebook is rolling out three new features for Stories. With the help of this feature, now users can save their stories which value them to the most.

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