Hero cop says any dad would do what he did — Surabaya bombing

Three families behind ISIS-inspired bombings in Indonesia's Surabaya

Surabaya attacks: Family of five bomb Indonesia police headquarters

Ucanews.com reported that early on 14th May, a family of five, including three children, carried out a suicide bombing on two motorcycles at police headquarters in East Java's provincial capital, Surabaya, police said.

Co-ordinated suicide bombings at three churches were carried out on Sunday by a family of six that included girls aged eight and 12.

On Sunday night, a bomb in the Wonocolo low-priced housing complex in Sidoarjo exploded prematurely, killing a woman and her 17-year-old child, police said.

Following the attacks, police uncovered bombs at other churches and on Monday another family group of suicide bombers targeted a police station.

Analysts in Indonesia now will have to think of how to counter terror cells that involve children - purportedly used as a cover to let suicide bombers evade checks at sentry points.

"I think the family setting and the isolation from the outside world ... were ideal settings for him to indoctrinate the rest of his family", said Alexander Raymond Arifianto, an Indonesia expert at Nanyang Technological University in Singapore.

All told, 26 people died in the two days of attacks including a total of 13 militants and their children.

Three families behind ISIS-inspired bombings in Indonesia's Surabaya
Police: Indonesia suicide bombings work of 2 families

Indonesian President Joko "Jokowi" Widodo condemned the attacks as "barbaric" and vowed that authorities would root out and destroy Islamic militant networks. The U.S. blames JAD for a suicide bombing and gun attack in Jakarta in January 2016 that left four people dead and 25 injured.

The footage of Monday's attack shows the motorcycles, moving closely together, pull up alongside a vehicle and four officers manning opposite sides of the checkpoint. Their seven-year-old daughter survived the attack.

The IS statement claiming responsibility for the attacks didn't mention anything about families or children taking part and said there were only three attackers.

CCTV footage of an attack on the police headquarters in the Indonesian city of Surabaya shows at least one explosion as two motorcycles, each with two people aboard, drive into a security checkpoint.

East Java police spokesman Frans Barung Mangera said explosions took place in three churches and at least 40 people had been taken to hospital.

The bomb disposal squad diffused another bomb outside the Diponegoro church.

Before Sunday services, Oepriarto drove his wife Puji Kuswat and the couples two daughters, aged 9 and 12, were the first to carry out the attack.

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