U.S. fighter jets intercept Russian bombers in Alaska

Самолёты ВВС США перехватили российские бомбардировщики у берегов Аляски

US Air Force stealth fighter jets intercept 2 Russian nuclear-capable bombers off Alaska coast

These are the same Russian bombers that have been probing our-and other nation's-national air defense since at least early 2017.

The U.S. F-22 stealth fighter jets monitored the Cold War-era Russian bombers, which never entered sovereign North American airspace, Canadian Army Maj.

Russian bombers were escorted by two F-22 fighter jets in worldwide airspace for 40 minutes, the RIA Novosti news agency cited the Russian Defense Ministry as saying on May 12.

The F-22s escorted the Russian bombers until they left the ADIZ along the Aleutian Islands, heading west.

The bombers entered a USA air-defense identification zone (ADIZ), outlined as airspace extending roughly 200 miles from the nation's shoreline, although primarily composed of worldwide airspace.

Scott Miller, representing the North American Command aerospace forces (NORAD), said that identifying and subsequent interception of bombers model Tu-95 is necessitated by the occurrence aircraft in the area of responsibility of NORAD.

Miller declined to say how close the bombers came to USA land. Intercepts in the zone occurred about 60 times from 2007 to 2017, The New York Times reported past year. In January, a Russian Russian Su-27 came within 1.5 meters of a U.S. Navy surveillance plane while it was flying in global airspace over the Black Sea.

Miller said the Russian bombers, decades-old aircraft classified by North Atlantic Treaty Organisation as the "Bear", were flying in accordance with global norms.

It is noted that the Russian bombers did not cross the air border of Canada and the United States.

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