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Remember those old tweets from President Trump going after Eric Schneiderman and calling him "worse than Spitzer or Weiner"?

Gleason filed a letter in Manhattan federal court on Friday, asking for a protective order for any records of communications he had with Michael Cohen regarding two women who came to him with allegations that Schneiderman engaged in sexual misconduct with them. As part of that investigation, federal agents raided Mr. Cohen's office, apartment and hotel room last month.

Gleason's disclosure came four days after Schneiderman resigned hours after a New Yorker article detailed his alleged physical abuse of several women.

An attorney for Schneiderman did not immediately respond to a request for comment. He is the focus of a criminal investigation in the Southern District of NY into whether he violated campaign-finance laws or committed bank fraud.

Trump had predicted Schneiderman's demise in a tweet sent in September 2013, stating that he would be gone after the falls of fellow NY officials Anthony Weiner and Eliot Spitzer due to sex scandals.

The Post quoted Dunleavy meanwhile as confirming that Gleason told him about the women. The letter does not explicitly state the timeline of these events, but Schneiderman had brought a lawsuit against Trump in 2013 that accused the real estate mogul of defrauding customers of his seminar series Trump University. He conceded, however: "I have talked to Trump in the past".

You can read Gleason's full letter at Law & Crime here.

He also said he never talked to Cohen.

When told about Dunleavy's comments by CNBC, Gleason suggested that Dunleavy "might have spoken to the secretary" for Trump.

Gleason says he doesn't know for sure if Cohen kept any other their communications, adding that they haven't spoken in five years. Gleason assumed he had done so, given that he then received a call from Cohen, to whom he divulged "certain details of Scheinderman's [SIC] vile attacks on these two women".

"None of our leads came via Trump people, and we had no knowledge of Gleason", Farrow tweeted.

Eliot Spitzer resigned as governor of NY in 2008 after his dalliance with a prostitute was revealed.

Just to be clear: not one source for our story on Schneiderman has any ties to Trump or Michael Cohen.

A day before Cohen wrote the court, Avenatti released a report that tallied $4.4 million in suspicious payments to Cohen since 2016, including $500,000 from Russian oligarch Viktor Vekselberg.

Avenatti is seeking to be heard on a regular basis by Wood on the issue of the confidentiality of some of Cohen's files.

After he was elected president, Trump settled the Trump University litigation. Cohen now is under criminal investigation by federal prosecutors in NY.

Avenatti scoffed at Gleason's concerns when asked about them by CNBC. As explained in the letter, his meeting with the first alleged Schneiderman accuser did not go anywhere because he explained that "the very entities that were established to protect her would ultimately turn on her to protect the power elite that includes Schneiderman".

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