Giuliani Resigns From Greenberg Traurig Amid Trump Work

Rudy Giuliani officially resigns from law firm dedicates himself to President Trump's legal team

Donald Trump meets with Rudy Giuliani on Nov. 20 2016

Ten days after Trump's longtime personal lawyer Michael Cohen had his files seized by federal investigators in Manhattan related to Special Counsel Robert Mueller's ongoing investigation, Giuliani joined the president's team on April 19 and took a temporary leave of absence from the firm.

Rudy Giuliani resigned from his law firm after his partners got fed up with his bloviating defense of President Trump during a series of over-the-top media appearances, a new report said Thursday.

President Donald Trump's recently hired attorney continued, "This way, my sole concentration can be on this critically important matter for our country".

Greenberg Traurig's executive chairman Richard Rosenbaum said Giuliani's resignation went into effect Wednesday.

But she added, "Speaking for ourselves, we would not condone payments of the nature alleged to have been made or otherwise without the knowledge and direction of a client".

In an effort to explain the payment, Giuliani said in an interview on "Fox and Friends" last week, "Don't you think a lot of these people would pay that when they can?"

In a statement, he lauded Giuliani's career, including his leadership as New York's mayor in the 1990s and early 2000s.

Critics are skeptical of Giuliani's goal on the Trump team, many puzzled at what appears to be Giuliani daylighting as an administration media surrogate.

Giuliani said he had hoped to resolve that question by May 17, the one-year anniversary of Mueller's appointment, but that was no longer feasible.

"Michael would take care of things like this, like I take care of things for my clients", Giuliani said.

The former NY mayor joined the President's legal team last month, and he has since made headlines for his comments regarding the payment made to Daniels. The payment was made by Cohen prior to the 2016 election to keep private an affair between Daniels and Trump.

However, senior White House officials argue that the president approves of his renegade style and has no plans to shuffle his legal team in the coming days.

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