Did Cardi B Confirm the Sex of Her Baby?

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While speaking with the New York Times about how heavy her 2018 Met Gala look was, she also mentioned the added weight from carrying her baby. "The beading is just insane, and then, shorty weighs three and a half pounds". That's pretty good for seven months because I was born five pounds'.

When footage of her security team fighting an overzealous fan after the event surfaced, Cardi B took time to explain her side of the story on social media. "It's okay though, I used to go up the project stairs".

Cardi B came clean about the sex of her baby on the way on The Howard Stern Show Tuesday after the host asked her directly, "Do you know what you're having ... what are you having?"

Spotted out and about in the Big Apple yesterday, the rap star hid her growing baby bump under a colorful head-turning floral-embellished coat courtesy of Scott's spring '18 collection for the Italian fashion house.

The Be Careful hitmaker - who is now seven months pregnant with her first child - has implied she's carrying a daughter after she referred to her as "she" while talking about how feisty the little one is because she keeps booting her in the ribs. I just didn't want to. "It's like, if y'all got so much people going with y'all, y'all could have just let him walk with me and take the two boys", Cardi says of the designer's long list, which also included Katy Perry and Kim Kardashian West. I'm gonna say this in the most humblest way, I'm a millionaire. Earlier this year, she said Offset has already chosen their daughter's name. An NYPD spokesman told Gothamist the alleged assailants left the scene before police arrived, and the investigation is ongoing. "I'm having a girl".

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