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President Donald Trump's summit with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un will most likely be in Singapore, The Korea Times reported on Monday.

The United States should not "deliberately provoke" the North by moving to deploy strategic assets in South Korea and raising human rights issues, KCNA said, citing a foreign ministry spokesman.

China's ties with both South Korea and Japan have seen low points in the recent years, thanks to territorial disputes between them as well the deterioration in relationships between Beijing and Washington over a plethora of issues - ranging from North Korea to military installations to trade war.

Recently, both US and South Korean officials suggested that Trump should take the credit for facilitating talks with the rogue regime.

Though cable stations like CNN would rather mimic TMZ than cover good news for Trump, be assured there is indeed plenty of good news.

Trump said at the weekend that the two sides had settled on a date and location for the summit - the first between a sitting United States president and a North Korean leader - without providing details.

The official believes the American government is "misleading public opinion" by believing the sanctions are the primary reason behind Korean peace talks.

In a Korean language version of the statement, the foreign ministry also warned the US that it should not misjudge North Korea's recent diplomatic efforts as "weakness".

Mongolia is also a possible candidate to host the summit as it has diplomatic ties with both the USA and North Korea and Kim Jong Un can travel there in his bulletproof train.

"This act can not be construed otherwise than a unsafe attempt to ruin the hardly-won atmosphere of dialogue and bring the situation back to square one", a foreign ministry spokesman was quoted as saying.

"We'll be announcing it soon", he told reporters as he left the White House for a trip to Texas, without elaborating. North Korea is accusing the US of "deliberately provoking" it and warning the USA not to misinterpret "the peace-loving intention of the DPRK as a sign of weakness".

While substantially more bellicose, the Urimininzokkiri op-ed was not the only state-media article published recently which criticized the notion that the US maximum pressure campaign has led to North Korea's recent diplomatic overtures, with multiple outlets publishing content on the subject over the weekend.

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