Warm welcome for hottest early May bank holiday on record

Revellers soak up the sun over the bank holiday weekend

UK weather: Britons set to sizzle in record-breaking Bank Holiday heat

Parts of the United Kingdom enjoyed their balmiest day of the year so far, as Britons prepare to sizzle on what is set to be the hottest Bank Holiday Monday since records began.

The warmest early May Bank Holiday weekend as a whole on record is 28.6 recorded on the 6 May 1995 at Cheltenham.

Thermometers hit a blistering 28.7C in Northolt, west London, the Met Office said.

Helen Roberts, a meteorologist at the Met Office, said that the warmth was the result of several days of high pressure as well as warm air arriving from...

Today is forecast to be the hottest Bank Holiday Monday since records began, with temperatures expected to reach 29C.

Much of the United Kingdom has been blessed with blue skies and sunshine across the three-day holiday weekend, leading to busy roads and overcrowded trains as people flock to the coast.

A forecast on the Met Office website reads: "Bank Holiday Monday promises to be another very warm day, with plenty of sunshine". And low cloud, mist and sea fog is affecting the northern coast of Devon and Cornwall.

Traffic spokesman Rod Dennis said: "Many people will still be keen to make the most of the early May warmth by escaping in the auto to spend time with family or friends especially after the recent chilly spell that even lead to some overnight frosts at the start of this week".

"But I think we can expect things to be not as warm as they are now, but also not as dry as they are now", he said.

Exacta Weather's James Madden said there could even be a chance the mercury could reach the 30C mark.

Mexico City has been predicted temperatures of 22C for today, so naturally us Brits are feeling pretty chuffed with ourselves that for once, it is hotter over here.

Nearly all of the United Kingdom is basking in a heatwave that fell perfectly in line with the first May Bank Holiday, but temperatures in London and the south east are set to reach scorchio heights. "This is most likely to happen in the south".

The record highest temperature for May is 32.8C (91F) which was recorded in 1922 and 1944.

Leading bookmaker Coral is slashed odds to 10-11 that this month ends as the hottest May on record in the UK.

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