Microsoft and Amazon Show Off Cortana and Alexa Integration at Build 2018

Alexa learns the power of the force for Star Wars Day

Amazon Alexa is ready for Star Wars Day, just ask her

So a user, while at work, might say "Cortana, open Alexa" to do something like turn on the porch light at home or buy something online.

Now Playing: Watch this: Amazon's Alexa and Microsoft's Cortana can talk to each. Last week, Google revealed that the Assistant now works with over 5,000 devices.

And she told Cortana to "send an email to Tom Taylor saying "I'll see you tonight" - again, without having to command the assistant by name.

The demo was set in a scenario with an Echo speaker in the home and Cortana on a PC at work because Amazon is the most popular speaker in US households, and Cortana, which is available on hundreds of millions of PCs running Windows 10, is the most popular assistant in the workplace.

Alexa on Android was sorely devoid of features and gained the ability to send texts (limited to U.S. consumers for now) only recently. While it's been in development the whole time and remains so, Microsoft gave us a sneak peak on how the effort is coming. It is a well-planned integration where the users can have the best of both worlds.

In its Build "future of modern meetings" demonstration, officials showed a prototype of a conferencing device on a desk that would pick up audio and video and pair it with Microsoft 365 and the Microsoft Graph to provide automatic identification of meeting participants, real-time transcription and real-time translation.

Microsoft has partnered with drone giant DJI to create a new SDK just for Windows 10 PCs and DJI's SDK will allow more than 700 million Windows 10 connected devices, full control and access to real-time data.

Perhaps, though, what Microsoft really wants is to benefit from Alexa's momentum.

Microsoft officials also showed off two new business-focused apps built for the HoloLens that will be available in preview form on May 22.

The first place this system team-up was announced to be integrated was with Microsoft 365.

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