One superintendent is accused of dropping a number two on the field

Daily Track Pooper Arrested

New Jersey superintendent caught defecating on rival school's football field

Human feces had recently been found "on a daily basis" on or near Holmdel High School's track and football field, according to Holmdel Township police.

Thomas Tramaglini, superintendent of Kenilworth Public Schools, was arrested Monday and charged with lewdness, littering and defecating in public.

Workers at Holmdel High School had reported finding human feces on a "daily basis", with some U.S. media dubbing the suspect a "serial pooper". Tramaglini has not responded to reporter's requests for comment. Kenilworth is a pre-K to high school district. According to the Kenilworth Public Schools, an employee can only lose their pay if they are indicted or face tenure charges under New Jersey state law. Tramagliani is also an instructor at Rutger's university and was put on paid absence while until after the results of his trial. The Asbury Park Press said he declined to answer questions from a reporter outside his home.

McGarry said he was flooded with calls, texts and emails from concerned parents, colleagues and community members about the Tramaglini story and a few media outlets incorrectly identified him as the one arrested but he's not the serial defecator.

The board of education did not immediately respond to an email inquiry about the announcement.

He is scheduled to appear in court Monday.

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