Turkey's opposition creating coalition at parliamentary election

Turkish main opposition to announce candidate on May 4

Turkish ruling party officially nominates Erdogan as presidential candidate

It will enable the smaller parties in the alliance to skirt a regulation that mandates parties must receive at least 10 percent of the vote to enter parliament. "Our candidate is the people's candidate, our candidate is a man of the people", Yildirim said, as he named Erdogan. A deadline of May 6 was set for election alliances to be filed with the High Election Board.

The secularist CHP, which is the main opposition party, has never won an election against Erdogan in his decade and a half in power.

The main opposition party in Turkey has selected a combative former physics teacher to stand against President Erdogan in next month's elections.

Ince said Erdogan's new presidential palace, which opened in 2014 to sneers from the opposition, should be handed over to the youth and made a "home for science".

Although Iyi Party leader and former interior minister Meral Aksener has registered to run against Erdogan to be the next president of Turkey, the CHP has yet to name its candidate. This has lead to speculation the CHP could pull its candidate in the second round of voting and back Aksener.

A formal announcement by the CHP on its candidate is expected on Friday morning. After the elections the country will transition from the parliamentary system to the presidential one. The vote will usher in the powerful executive presidency approved in last April's referendum-a new chapter in Turkish politics.

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