Southwest airplane window cracks during flight: "Non-emergency" landing in Cleveland

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Donald Trump praised Southwest pilot Tammie Jo Shults for her life-saving actions

Pictures posted on Twitter show several cracks in one of the Boeing 737-700's windows.

The engine damage on Flight 1380 spurred lawmakers in Washington to include an amendment focusing on engine safety in its five-year FAA reauthorization legislation. Riordan was taken to the hospital while flight attendants assisted other passengers with minor injuries, according to The New York Times.

The US Federal Aviation Administration will look into what caused the window to crack in the latest case. They said the plane's crew handled the situation smoothly. As the plane reached approximately 32,500 feet, the cockpit received warnings.

Today's incident has passengers reporting they heard something hit the plane, much like the last incident. The plane landed without incident.

"The number thirteen fan blade was separated and missing and it was separated at the point of where it would come into the hub", Sumwalt said. So far the cause of the crack is unknown.

FAA data suggests passenger window failures are rare.

A witness told website that some people were crying hysterically, while the crew acted very professionally. Just landed. Everything ok.

Those on the flight from Chicago to New Jersey told The Associated Press that passengers moved quickly away from the window after it cracked. He said he couldn't recall a similar incident caused by crazing and that the pilots were right to make a quick landing.

Anthony Roman, a commercial pilot and flight instructor based in NY, says problems with windows should be detected during regular inspections and maintenance. "Everything ok but scary", one of her texts read.

A passenger who was actually on the plane, Alejandro Aguina, followed up later, tweeting out a photo as well and explaining, "On my way to NJ for work and [Southwest flight 957] gets a window crack".

The co-pilot, whose actions were also vital to the emergency landing, was identified as Darren Ellisor.

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