Omar Abdullah hopes Rahul Gandhi will take up PM Narendra Modi's challenge

Rahul Gandhi tears into BJP over youth being 'branded' with SC/ST tag in MP

'Branding' by MP cops like knifing nation's heart: Rahul Gandhi

Prime Minister Narendra Modi today kick-started the BJP's massive election campaign in Karnataka with an eye to wrest power from the incumbent Congress. Karnataka is among four states where the Congress is in power.

Mr Modi was responding to Mr Gandhi's challenge earlier to allow him speak for 15 minutes in Parliament on various issues, including corruption. "How can a labourer like me sit before you?" "What is our status that we can sit with people like the Congress President who look down upon us", he asked. "It is high time the money that belongs to the "Kaamdaars" is returned to them from the "Naamdaars" who usurped it". "Yes, you are right, you are a "naamdar", what right do we "kaamdaars" have to even sit in front of you".

The elections in Karnataka will take place on 12th May and the result will be declared on the 15th. His final stop of the day will be Chikkodi in northern Karnataka's Belagavi district, where he's addressing another rally. Even the formula can also apply towards the BJP's fielding of 2 Reddy brothers - that the mining barons out of Ballari - and also yet another Yeddyurappa. The Prime Minister's presence during the election campaign will provide necessary impetus to the Bharatiya Janata Party's (BJP) efforts to win these elections by unseating the Congress. He resumed his campaign in Karnataka after a long break - the last rally he addressed was in February 2018.

As opposed to the NDA government's measures to promote "ease of doing business" in the country, the Congress dispensation in Karnataka was initiating the culture of "ease of doing murder", the PM alleged, refering to reports that the killing of several BJP workers in the state was politically motivated. "But Deve Gowdaji is among the greatest leaders and I have no right to forget that", he added in Hindi.

"The news says that there is a BJP wave in Karnataka".

In this region, also with a size able Dalit and backward class population, Prime Minister charged Congress with continuing to show disrespect to Babasaheb B R Ambedkar.

"If such is the mindset, how can they think good for the people of Karnataka", wondered Modi, as the grand old party had also never respected Babasaheb Ambedkar or accepted his views.

Following the murder of a Hindu activist in January, CM Siddaramaiah had said the BJP was making baseless allegations against the Congress. "That is when you can hold the government responsible", Modi said.

A substantial 45 per cent of votes feel that Congress government should be given another chance. He accused the Congress government of stalling various infrastructure projects of the Centre, saying, "Blocking (atkana), keeping things hanging fire (latkana) and misleading (bhatkana) is their nature".

A special invitation is being extended by BJP to all the people for Prime Minister's rally in Udupi.

Mr. Modi said, he is a person from the working class and any criticism by Naamdhar, a person from famous family, will not deter him from taking up the development work.

"That's why they (Congress leaders) are spreading lies, dividing people on the grounds of caste".

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