Facebook is Finally Gonna Redesign Messenger

Image via The Verge

Image via The Verge

There are now more than 300,000 active bots on the platform, and 200,000 developers building on it, Facebook said Tuesday.

At its F8 developer conference, Facebook announced the launch of AR integration and M translations for Messenger.

The filter platform will operate a little differently on Instagram where people will be exposed to user-designed filters based on the accounts that they follow.

As you can see in the image above, Facebook will simplify the app by displaying all of your chats on the main page with Stories and shortcuts to take a photo, video, or start a new conversation at the top. That's why today we're also thrilled to announce that buyers and sellers in Marketplace will be able to communicate across languages with M suggestions for translations. For example, when a customer interacts with a business in Messenger, the business can prompt the customer to open their camera, after which they'll see different filters and AR effects, depending on what the business wants to show.

Naturally, Facebook Messenger is also receiving new augmented reality abilities, with businesses being able to create AR effects for people to use.

At launch, the following brands will be launching AR effects for their Messenger experiences: ASUS, Kia, Nike, and Sephora.

Here's what you need to know about the new features in Facebook Messenger. ASUS will use it to give customers a closer look at phone features and functionalities. Nike is using Messenger to drop a new pair of sneakers, giving people an exclusive sneak peek at them through a curated and visual red carpet experience. In other words, if users in Marketplace get a message that's in a language other than their default language, they'll be asked if they want that language translated. This will help drive commerce between buyers and sellers despite language barriers. This feature is the latest addition for the Facebook AR Studio, which powers expressive and immersive experiences across our family of apps. Indeed, we're still waiting for the speakers to be officially introduced.

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