Facebook's Messenger Kids is getting a sleep mode

Facebook wants children to take breaks from Messenger Kids

Facebook now lets parents schedule 'sleep mode' in Messenger Kids app

Facebook introduced the sleep mode to its app Messenger Kids today, April 28 to improve parental controls that are the core of the app experience.

The new feature will allow parents to set designated start and stop times for when the app will go to "sleep".

If you're a parent who has trouble getting their kids to sleep at night or keeping them focused on their homework due to constant device use, Facebook might have a solution to your woes.

As far as what happens when sleep mode is activated, the app won't deliver notifications, kids won't be able to send or receive messages, and they won't be able to access the app's camera functionality, either. If they try to open the app, they'll see a message telling them that it's in sleep mode and to come back later.

With a simplified interface, the new feature enables parents to adjust the timings at any time. Kids won't be unable to use the app during these times. Under the "app controls" header, the Sleep Mode menu will appear.

According to YouTube, "Parents know better than anyone what they want their children to watch". Once you set the limits, the child will not be able to use the app during those hours.

Parents can access all of their controls from the Messenger Kids controls in the main Facebook app.

Facebook is under intense scrutiny after last month's scandal involving Cambridge Analytica, a digital consultancy that improperly accessed 87 million Facebook users' data without their consent. "In addition to Sleep Mode, parents can add and remove contacts, delete the child's account, or create a new account right from the control panel", the post added. This ensures that they don't have to constantly monitor or change app controls, giving them the peace of mind for their children.

Facebook Messenger Kids was the only app allowing parents to take full control of their Children's online behaviour and tracking down their activities.

For more information about Messenger Kids, visit MessengerKids.com or follow the Facebook page for updates.

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