Deadly violence erupts in Gaza at Israeli border fence

Новая тактика ЦАХАЛа в ответ на диверсии у границы

Hamas says PA was responsible for attempted assassination on own PM

The press service of the IDF reported that today near the border fence with the Gaza strip was recorded 5 main foci of the protests.

"The Marches of Return gamble with the lives of children and women, which does not serve Palestine", he said.

Israeli army forces killed three Palestinian protesters on Friday, and left more than six-hundred injured in another deadly day of the "Great March of the Return" demonstrations on the Gaza border.

"For four weeks the world has watched in horror as Israeli snipers and other soldiers, in full-protective gear and behind the fence, have attacked Palestinian protesters with live ammunition and tear gas", the group's regional director, Magdalena Mughrabi, said Friday. He said Israel would not tolerate Hamas attempts "to use civilians as human shields and as a disguise for terrorists trying to infiltrate into Israel".

The death brings the number of people killed to four and hundreds wounded in the fifth consecutive Friday of protests, where thousands of Palestinains gathered near the heavily guarded border. Small groups usually move toward the fence, setting tires ablaze to hamper the vision of the security forces while others throw stones or firebombs. "Danon's comments are an attempt to escape responsibility and to cover up for the execution of unarmed children and people by occupation soldiers", said Hamas official Mushir Al Masri.

Veteran US politician and former presidential hopeful Bernie Sanders delivered a blistering critique of the Israeli leadership and its response to the recent Gaza protests, lambasting "the reactionary policies of Prime Minister [Binyamin] Netanyahu" and "the inhumane blockade of Gaza".

She also urged the government to investigate "war crimes" of Israel against the Palestinians.

"People should not be destined to spend their lives surrounded by borders they are forbidden to cross, or waters they are forbidden to navigate", he said.

"Moscow is deeply concerned about these tragic events and possible subsequent escalation of the situation on the Palestinian territories, including with regard to the intention voiced by the United States administration to hold a ceremony in Jerusalem in mid-May which would mark the start of the transferal of the American embassy there from Tel Aviv", the Foreign Ministry said.

More than two million Palestinians live in the narrow coastal territory.

Israel withdrew its troops and settlers from Gaza in 2005 but maintains tight control of its land and sea borders.

Egypt also restricts movement in and out of Gaza.

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