The Trump administration vs. the caravan

DHS Secretary Warns that Caravan Members Who Enter US Illegally Subject to Prosecution

Homeland Security Chief Warns Migrant Caravan: 'We Will Enforce the Immigration Laws'

The controversial migrant caravan that drew national outrage as it made its way through Mexico toward the USA arrived just south of the California border on Thursday.

Kirstjen Nielsen, the secretary of homeland security, said in a statement on Wednesday regarding the immigrants that the U.S. will enforce immigration law. He arrived in Tijuana on Tuesday.

What will happen if they try to cross the border?

As hundreds of people who have traveled in caravan from Central America prepare to claim asylum over the weekend at the San Ysidro POE, an Amnesty International delegation will be on the ground to monitor the conduct of authorities in the reception and facilitation of their asylum claims.

This caravan's numbers pale compared to the roughly 200,000 people who were arrested at the border in Texas' Rio Grande Valley during the spring of 2014 during the administration of President Barack Obama, many of them Central American women and children.

He said he could be killed if he goes home, and wants to join family members in Houston. Mr. Trump has said that overly permissive laws have drawn a flood of migrants to the nation's borders.

And in 2016, thousands of Haitians seeking to enter the USA turned themselves in to US border agents at the Tijuana-San Diego border crossing.

The San Diego border crossing was so overwhelmed by Haitians in 2016 that US officials worked with their Mexican counterparts to create a ticketing system that let the Haitians in over time. This let the Haitians in over time.

Pete Flores is director of the San Diego field office of the U.S. Customs and Border Protection. Some waited their turn in Tijuana for more than five weeks.

"The efforts of USA officials to tarnish asylum seekers as criminals are cynical fabrications that ring hollow". Officials of that agency decide if people should be held for a longer period or if they can be released until their trial date. The majority of the migrants are trying to escape from instances of violence and extortion in Honduras and El Salvador and they include women and children who need protection.

Recently, asylum seekers wait only a few hours, never overnight, Flores said. Asylum seekers must have a well-founded fear of persecution due to their race, religion, nationality, political opinion or membership in a particular "social group", a broad category that has included domestic violence victims and others. If they pass, they are permitted to enter the USA and face a sometimes long process before US immigration judges.

Attorney General Jeff Sessions has called the caravan "a deliberate attempt to undermine our laws and overwhelm our system", and said the Justice Department would prosecute smugglers and anyone who commits fraud. "If you assist or coach an individual in making a false immigration claim, you have broken the law and will be referred for prosecution". "Everybody was crowded up against a railing, and I sat up all night watching them", said Caballero, who is 35. Mario Ritter was the editor. What the government is doing to asylum seekers is not. Write to us in the Comments Section or on our Facebook page.

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