Starbucks Manager Was Let Go After Calling Police On Two Black Men

Facebook video  Melissa DePino

Videos of 2 black men arrested at Philadelphia Starbucks draw outrage

On Thursday, April 12, cops arrested two black men for waiting for a friend in the Starbucks lobby in Philadelphia.

The manager who called police Thursday has since left the company, a spokeswoman for Starbucks told PhillyVoice.

Starbucks is dealing with a PR disaster after two controversial arrests were made at one of the company's Philadelphia locations last week.

A social media user Melissa Depino tweeted "the police were called because these men hadn't ordered anything".

Video of Thursday's incident showed other patrons telling officers the pair were doing nothing wrong and appeared to have been targeted merely due to their race.

"I'm going to do everything I can to ensure it is fixed and never happens again". He said the company wanted to "express our deepest apologies to the two men who were arrested with a goal of doing whatever we can to make things right". "Whether that is changes to the policy and the practice, additional store manager training, including training around unconscious bias, and we will address this", said CEO Kevin Johnson.

Protests occurred outside of the Starbucks over the weekend and on Monday morning.

On Saturday, Philadelphia mayor Jim Kenney said he was "heartbroken" over the video and says Starbucks "should be a place where everyone is treated the same, no matter the color of their skin".

Police released the men hours after the arrest but did not identify them publicly. At least one of them had asked to use the restroom but was told they couldn't because they hadn't purchased anything. The man, Andrew Yaffe, said he was and called the incident "ridiculous".

A meeting with Starbucks leadership to discuss the coffee company's role in gentrification and perpetuating racism, policies regarding customers and investment in black-owned franchises in African American communities. He said the chain will "train our partners to better know when police assistance is warranted". There is reportedly an internal review pending for the employee, reports said.

The men were released after Starbucks decided not to press charges, according to Philadelphia Commissioner Richard Ross.

Johnson, in his statement, said he hopes to personally apologize to the men who were arrested.

Johnson's comments came as about two dozen protesters took over the Starbucks location where the arrests happened.

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