Rudy Giuliani meets with Robert Mueller to negotiate Trump interview

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European Press

"You're right", the president responded before lashing out at the Justice Department, which appointed Special Counsel Robert Mueller to investigate Russian meddling in the 2016 presidential election and whether the Trump campaign was involved. Trump criticized federal agents for exercising search warrants on his lawyer Michael Cohen and former campaign chairman Paul Manafort.

Trump also laced into James Comey, the Federal Bureau of Investigation director he fired past year, accusing him of lying about Trump's trip to Moscow in 2013 that has received fresh scrutiny. Trump said in a call-in interview with Fox's program "Fox & Friends" on Thursday.

Trump denies having sex with Daniels while married and, more broadly, said he had made a decision to "try to stay away from" the workings of the Justice Department "but pretty soon I won't".

Trump says: "I have decided that I won't be involved". "I may change my mind at some point, because what's going on is a disgrace".

Former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani, who last week formally joined the president's legal team handling the Russian Federation probe, is already firing off at special counsel Robert Mueller's team. "He is guilty of crimes", an amped-up Trump said, referring to what he and his top aides say are documents Comey had a friend leak to the media that they claim contained classified information.

Trump laced into Comey as "a leaker" and "a liar".

"They're trying to destroy a man", he said, blaming Democrats.

But the raids antagonized Mr. Trump and stalled interview talks, Garrett reports.

The Post reports, nevertheless, that Rudy Giuliani, Trump's lawyer and the former mayor of NY, met with Mueller's team this week to discuss the possibility of Trump's talking to investigators. They spoke and he also spoke with his counterparts in North Korea.

"This guy shouldn't even be on the show", Trump said, again roaring.

"We're open to a reasonable solution and we're still very hopeful", said Trump attorney Rudy Giuliani, hired last week to replace John Dowd.

'Oh, it's -- well, it's totally classified, ' said Trump.

"Another, President Trump, reportedly said on cable television this morning that Cohen performs "a tiny, tiny little fraction" of his overall legal work", prosecutors added.

Among the most salacious details is that Trump consorted with prostitutes overnight on that trip, a claim Trump has denied. "You would think these guys would treat me great!" "Maybe I didn't get her so much".

One innocent question might have gotten Trump in some trouble in the White House residence.

According to the Washington Post, Giuliani conveyed that Trump and his advisers are still resistant to an interview, in case that was unclear from his recent tweets attacking the special counsel by name.

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