Pro-Trump Pundits Embrace Kanye West After Rapper takes Apparent Right-Wing Turn

Kanye West tweets that he likes the way far-right personality Candace Owens “thinks”

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"The truth is that the left wants to strap black people with this idea that they are victims", Owens said.

Greg Gutfeld said it is a "big deal" that rapper Kanye West defended conservative activist Candace Owens against attacks over her political ideology. Alt-right conspiracy theorist Mike Cernovich and Infowars' Alex Jones have both defended and retweeted West on Twitter.

But two-thirds of the way through the monologue, another name came up-Kanye West. Adams said that Kanye's support for Owens "ripped a hole in reality".

Donald Trump and Kanye West meet at Trump Towers on December 13, 2016. "I don't know why people like being oppressed", she explained.

".@kanyewest I admire your bold moves against the thought police", Jones tweeted Monday, shortly after West began sharing the videos of Adams' post.

Alex Jones, the conspiracy theorist leading Infowars, said that he admired West's "bold moves against the thought police" and invited him on his show, promising him that it would make "these control-freak vampires really go insane". "Trump gave me a meeting.' I said, 'Trump played you, bro'".

The clips are from a 22-minute speech Adams made, entitled "Scott Adams tells you how Kanye showed the way to the Golden Age".

While the original tweet from Kim Kardashian's husband prompted sitcom star Roseanne to write "bingo", her ex, Tom Arnold, blasted Owens in a series of tweets, and subsequently deleted one of them that contained an obscene reference. "Self-victimization is a disease". Now, the rapper has landed himself in hot water again after reportedly admitting his love for President Donald Trump to Hot 97's Ebro Darden.

Overall, however, it doesn't seem like West is necessarily trying to make a pro-conservative statement with his tweets. "Multiple times through our conversation, he said, 'I just want to lead with love.' I said, 'You're a liar because the people you're aligning yourself with aren't leading with love'".

Watch Darden recall the entire phone chat in the video below.The Trump comments begin at the 6.51 mark.

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