How God of War Got Me To Finally Start Blocking

Kratos’ primary weapon is the Leviathan axe which functions similar to Mjolnir you can throw it and call it back at will

The Story of God of War

God of War may look extra purdy with those mountains of snow glistening and Kratos' facial fuzz gently fluttering in the cold, Norse air - but that's no good if you can't see the game in all of its beauty. If you happen to successfully parry an attack, you get to knock them down and this gives you an opening to unleash a devastating attack. If the quest marker is telling you to go down one road but another is next to it that you haven't explored, see what's over there first.

Depending on which edition you purchased, there is additional digital content for God of War.

During your travels Kratos (and later Mimir) will flesh out the world with stories to Atreus while you're travelling on boat. Doing so typically allows the buyer to pre-download and play the game right as it unlocks in that specific region.

It's the first game in the exclusive PlayStation franchise to launch in over two years.

Later he mentioned that the only doubt that remains is how big is the potential of a game like God of War, which is a title for 1 player, without multiplayer and that lacks elements of the game as a service. What's more, the equipment and runes you acquire over the course of the game offer much more than just stat benefits.

God of War is now out for PlayStation 4, and it's incredible.

No longer is God Of War just an explosion of testosterone and violence, it's a story and a world you want to keep diving deeper into.

In the new God of War, Kratos is violent, but he is ashamed of that violence.

As for combat, the latest iteration of God Of War is slightly different in that Kratos now wields the Leviathan Axe instead of the twin blades of the past. Light axe throws do damage and can stun an enemy a little if you hit them in the head. This action game is attractive, exciting, and touching, and I go into why in my review. This fundamentally changes the game, drawing you much closer to the carnage, as well as to other modern action games.

Progression has never been as important to the series, though it's here that the game stumbles a bit. As you earn experience points, you'll be able to select new skills catering to your playstyle. Because God of War was fun. The game is deeper, richer, and better than ever before.

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