Grasshopper app from Area 120 teaches you basic coding

Grasshopper a learn-to-code app from Google’s Area 120 incubator goes live		
	Sarah Perez

   	7 hours

Grasshopper a learn-to-code app from Google’s Area 120 incubator goes live Sarah Perez @ 7 hours

"They're using those moments to learn how to code".

Grasshopper is the new learn-to-code app that has been recently launched on Wednesday by Google team of coders - "Area 120" who work on experimental projects.

The free app for both iOS and Android is reportedly created to address three major factors adults said were keeping them from learning about computer science: time, access, and money. It's not hard to understand why: LinkedIn's list of the top job skills for 2018 was filled with abilities like mobile development, cloud computing, and data engineering, and in 2017, PayScale and CNN listed "mobile app developer" as the best job in America. After signing in with your Google account, you will be walked through the basics of programming and given several quizzes. But by introducing players to the basic fundamentals through JavaScript, it may help them decide whether coding is a viable career switch for them. The suggested classes should feel like a natural next step after finishing Grasshopper's curriculum, according to Holmes.

The Grasshopper app itself looks simple and self-explanatory. After completing the courses in Grasshopper syllabus, Google wants the players/users to continue the study in computer coding field.

My one real hope is that as Grasshopper grows, the Google developers working on the app will add new programming languages for users to learn.

Now in order to make the adults learn the techniques and skills of coding, Google has come up with an interesting way.

The course is surprisingly easy for a person with no experience to use, when you first install the app you'll be asked what coding experience you have.

"This is the most user-friendly interactive explore coding concepts through JavaScript.[it] quickly demonstrate [s] how code can bring things to life". "We're trying to be the launchpad".

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