Haven't filed your taxes yet? You have an extension -- until Tuesday

Annette Kraft               CBS News

Annette Kraft CBS News

Qualified taxpayers can choose to pay any taxes owed over time through an installment agreement.

But a Washington, D.C., holiday - Emancipation Day - on Monday has pushed the deadline to midnight on Tuesday.

AARP Foundation tax service also offers free tax assistance for people 50 years and older who can't afford a tax preparation to file federal and Arizona returns.

Rauschenberger says in North Dakota 85 percent of taxes were filed electronically, because it's easier and faster for some, including Jim Schulz. Check Where to File on IRS.gov.

Yes, it's crunch time but try not to rush. Some even misspell their own names. It will take more time in the long-run to correct your mistakes and will delay any refunds.

If you don't plan on disclosing your crypto gains/losses on your taxes, at the very least, make sure you have a good tax attorney on speed dial.

Frivolous tax arguments: Tax arguments advocating the refusal to pay any taxes to the IRS have consistently been thrown out by the courts. Popular tax software providers have their own solutions too.

Tepper said the best thing to do if you wait until Tuesday is to file for an extension with the IRS.

Just fill out form 4868, and you get six months of extra time, making your new tax deadline October 15.

According to the report, just under 100 people have reported these taxable events to the IRS out of the 250,000 most recent tax filers, just 4 days ahead of the deadline to file.

The Big Q: What will be the impact of last years digital currency boom be on United States tax payers?

Sign and date your return, and remember if you file jointly that your spouse must also sign and date the return.

Inflated refund claims: Taxpayers should be exceptionally skeptical of anyone promising inflated refunds in return for a percentage of the refund.

It's a day many of us don't look forward to, but know it's coming: tax deadline day.

But most importantly, filing early helps cut down on the risk for identity theft by essentially beating the criminals to the punch. The IRS Data Book reveals that in 2017, almost 16 million taxpayers filed extensions to request additional time to file their returns. Like many of you, I have been the victim of identity theft.

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