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A view of the post that Jaseena put up on Facebook

A view of the post that Jaseena put up on Facebook

A chance meeting on a Delta flight from Atlanta to Raleigh connected two women in a unique way.

Their meeting was a coincidence.

Nicole Odom said she last saw Brandy - who was living with a roommate in Queens - about a month ago when the 26-year-old scored an interview to become a school safety officer.

Her seat neighbour, 24-year-old Snipes, had just fled an abusive relationship and was heavily pregnant.

"I was discouraged and depressed", she said. Phipps ended up spending hours with the two of them, and then Snipes made the most hard decision of her life.

"I have this fantastic community and incredible group of friends that would support me in this if you think that I would be worthy of caring for your child", she told Snipes. I'm really thankful that I did or who knows how my life would be today.

"Regardless of our past, I still loved my mother but I knew she was unfit to care for a child".

In fact, Phipps was scheduled to be on a later flight.

The charges say Disbrow told police he removed the woman's trousers and underwear and began fondling her, then had intercourse with her while she slept. On the plane, she said she sat next to a friendly woman named Temple Phipps whose warmth and interest in her made her feel at peace.

Over the next few months, Mr. Mendiratta gained the woman's trust by showing concern for her family. The two women are considering writing a book about their experience together and the missed connection that changed the paths of their lives. After 12 minutes of pushing, she gave birth to a lovely, 6-pound baby boy.

He also abused her verbally, after which she went to Mumbai to meet him and discovered that no one called Sidharth Walia existed.

The two women began talking, and that talk turned to Snipes' baby on the way.

"I count my blessings every day", said Phipps to ABC News. "For a variety of reasons, it just never happened for me".

"I'm still in shock", Leach said.

"I don't understand how she ended up over there in that park, or who could've put her over there in that park", Nicole Odom said.

Snipes said the decision was tough, but she knew it was the right thing to do.

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