If you're an arachnophobe, look away: 'Tarantula Burger' being served in NC

Do you dare? Bull City offers 'tarantula burger' for Exotic Meat Month

Feeling adventurous? Tarantula burger creeps onto North Carolina menu

But these may not be for everyone.

The promotion is part of their sixth annual Exotic Meat Month, which celebrates the restaurant and brewery's anniversary by serving burgers made from meats eaten around the globe each March and April.

One of the burgers being served is "the tarantula burger", which features pasture raised beef, gruyere cheese, spicy chili sauce and an oven roasted tarantula.

Alongside the tarantula several other exotic meats are on offer, including camel, turtle, reindeer, rabbit, bugs and elk.

And if they finish their plate, they get a T-shirt to immortalize the eight-legged feat, according to Bull City's website.

The tarantula burger can not be ordered, rather, interested eaters come to the brewpub and sign up for a raffle. The only way to get the tarantula burger is by entering a raffle, whose winners are announced daily while the supply of creepy-crawlies lasts.

Some people prefer to eat the tarantula first, while some take it all in at once.

But one particular burger is drawing a lot of attention - the tarantula burger.

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