Comey reportedly calls Trump a 'mob boss' in an upcoming interview

Comey Says Trump Is Like a 'Mob Boss' in Upcoming Interview

RNC launches 'LyinComey' website to discredit former FBI director

The interview is set to air on Sunday at 10 a special episode of ABC's "20/20".

The website,, targets Comey's credibility and includes quotes from senior Democratic party leaders maligning his character during the 2016 presidential election.

It features a digital ad showing a parade of Democrats questioning Comey's suitability to be the nation's top cop before he was sent packing. "If Comey wants the spotlight back on him, we'll make sure the American people understand why he has no one but himself to blame for his complete lack of credibility".

It will be updated as Comey's book and interviews roll out, according to an RNC official. A source says the White House has signed off on the plan, though it is not plotting its own specific response to Comey, and sources add that aides are concerned about how Comey's media tour might influence Robert Mueller's investigation.

CNN reported on Thursday that the White House has approved the website, whose domain name was registered 15 days ago.

Mr Comey has been a vocal critic of Mr Trump since he was sacked by the United States president in May and the intelligence chief's explosive memoir has been heavily trailed by USA media. The president has often taken to Twitter to attack Comey as a liar and a leaker.

Trump has defended himself, saying he simply fired Comey "very simply" because "he wasn't doing a good job".

"Wow, watch Comey lie under oath to Senator G when asked 'have you ever been an anonymous source.or known someone else to be an anonymous source.?' He said strongly 'never, no.' He lied as shown clearly on @foxandfriends", the president tweeted March 18.

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