Afghan District Governor Among Those Killed In Taliban Attack

District governor among 12 killed in militant attack in eastern Afghanistan

Afghanistan: Taliban attack kills Ghazni's district Governor

Taliban militants over-ran a district in Afghanistan's Ghazni province on Thursday, killing more than a dozen people including the district's governor before retreating, a police official said.

Mohsini also said 25 Taliban fighters were killed in the gunbattle that started late on April 11 and lasted until morning.

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The Taliban controls large swaths of Ghazni, a strategic province near the border with Pakistan. The attackers planted mines to prevent government reinforcements from coming and quickly took responsibility for the attack.

Mohammad Arif Noori, a spokesman for the governor of Ghazni Province, said that Taliban insurgents attacked the government compound of Khwaja Umari district.

The casualty figures are impossible to independently verify because of the remoteness of the area.

The total number of civilian casualties in the January-March period reached 2,258 - nearly unchanged from the same period in the past two years, the United Nations Assistance Mission in Afghanistan said.

Moseni said the Taliban fighters stormed the secure compound in Khuja Omari district and the security forces who were there were joined later by government reinforcements.

The attack was one of the deadliest by the Taliban in several weeks and comes as the militants prepare to launch their annual spring offensive, which marks the beginning of the traditional fighting season.

The Taliban is under pressure to take up President Ashraf Ghani´s offer of peace talks but so far the group has not responded directly to the proposal.

"Afghan civilians continue to suffer, caught in the conflict, in ways that are preventable; this must stop now", said Ingrid Hayden, the secretary-general's deputy special representative for Afghanistan.

The head of security for Ghazni province, Ramazan Ali Mohsen, said five people were injured in addition to the 14 dead.

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