12 Things to Know About the $12.99 Deal — Spotify-Hulu Bundle

Northzone's Parson Says Spotify Is in'Second Inning of a Long Game

Northzone's Parson Says Spotify Is in'Second Inning of a Long Game

Starting today, current subscribers of Spotify's Premium plan can take advantage of a "99-cent promotional offer to try the Hulu Limited Commercials plan for three months as an introduction to the bundle".

The free service has always been a way to nudge users of the service into the paid side of the operation (Spotify's cheapest paid plan right now is $9.99). Spotify is Apple Music's biggest rival in the U.S., and the music streaming service looks to take on the recently launched Amazon Prime Music among others in the Indian market.

The report claims that the updated software will provide users more freedom in choosing the songs they want to listen to and gain a quicker access to the playlists. The catch there is that the trial is only available to either brand new Hulu subscribers or those who cancelled at least 12 months ago. Spotify intends to expand the Hulu bundle to the rest of its customers this summer. Now, everybody can get the same deal.

Spotify said the student offer was "incredibly well received".

Hulu has hooked up before. "The basic package is $9.99 a month".

Spotify recently launched in South Africa, finally bringing the biggest (and in my opinion, best) music streaming service to our sunny shores. While the premium customer base accounts for less than half of its total user base, they generated about 4.09 billion euros in revenue in 2017.

That's likely to change in the next couple of years, one way or the other.

The Walt Disney Company now has a 30% stake in Hulu, although they could take a control of the company if the currently-in-the-works Fox deal closes.

At the same time, Disney is planning its own Netflix-like service for 2019, and how Hulu changes is open to speculation.

Important news for music listeners/TV fans/people who like to save money. App stores can take almost a third of each payment, so this offering will lure some subscribers into Spotify's billing system. The announcement is expected to come within the next several weeks, according to the sources. Only 71 million of those users are paying for Spotify Premium.

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