Jimmy Kimmel feuds with Sean Hannity

Jimmy Kimmel Apologizes for Sean Hannity Feud After His Own Wife and Child Are Trolled on the Internet

Jimmy Kimmel reveals the death threats he has received against his wife and young son after Sean Hannity feud as he apologizes to the gay community and for inciting hatefulness

On Sunday afternoon, Kimmel released a statement indicating while the battle with Hannity was "fun", that "the level of vitriol from all sides (mine and me included) does nothing good for anyone".

"By lampooning Sean Hannity's deference to the President, I most certainly did not intend to belittle or upset members of the gay community and to those who took offense, I apologize", offered Kimmel in the statement.

On Friday, Hannity called Kimmel a "sick twisted creepy perverted weirdo", and vowed to keep attacking him until he apologised to Mrs Trump.

The two went after one another after Kimmel last week mocked Melania Trump reading a children's book to kids at the White House Easter Egg Hunt.

Shortly after Kimmel's apology, Hannity teased a response on his own Twitter account.

Kimmel turned to his show sidekick, Guillermo Rodriguez, and said, "you could be first lady of the United States".

Hannity said he'd address Kimmel's statement on his Monday show.

On Sunday, it appeared Kimmel had enough.

Hannity took offense and slammed Kimmel during his prime-time Fox News show, calling Kimmel a "despicable disgrace" and an "ass clown". Mrs. Trump nearly certainly has enough to be concerned about without properly used like a jolt to enhance TV scores.

The website Deadline first reported on Kimmel's twitter apology. "Why don't you rant a little about that, Sean Hannity?". The talk show host brought Katie Couric.

Kimmel, on Twitter, thanked Hannity for a trip down memory lane.

Kimmel thanked Hannity for the trip down memory lane but said the idea that Hannity would call anyone a pervert while he was "slobbering over" Donald Trump is, "to quote a fella you love very much, 'sad.'" Trump boasted on a 2005 "Access Hollywood" tape about fame enabling him to grope and try to have sex with women, and he later apologized. But more importantly, Hannity claiming Kimmel's comedy bit is identical to Weinstein's misconduct is demeaning to Weinstein's countless victims.

Acknowledging that many straight comedians opted to "employ bottom-shaming jokes to show that they "get" gay culture", The Daily Beast's Ira Madison III nonetheless said Handler and Kimmel should re-examine the tone of their language if they wanted to be truly seen as queer rights supporters.

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